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Watching this youtube video walkthrough you will know how to collect 3 star coin from this part of world 4. world 3-Ghost House Star Coins Walkthrough Guide.

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World 3-Ghost House (New Super Mario Bros.). World 3-Ghost House is the Ghost House of World 3. This exit leads to a Warp Cannon leading to World 6.

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As with all the Ghost Houses in New Super Mario Bros this one has a secret exit.Listen or download New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coin World 3 Ghost Ho music song for free.

The purple climbable pole found in 3-Ghost House is rendered.

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New Super Mario Bros. Cheats. A green pipe further behind the other is located, along with Star Coin 3. World 3 Ghost House.In the second area, with the poles you must climb, look for a secret area along the left side about halfway up.

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Download And Listen Top new super mario bros wii world 3 ghost house star coins Songs, New (DS) 100% Walkthrough - World 3.Star Stable Hack Cheats is an awesome program, that can give you unlimited Star Coins and Jorvik Coins in this awesome game.

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At the very start of the level, turn around and run backward into a secret spot with a coin.

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U is the fourth. and bottom-right corner of structures in 3-Ghost House. you walljump to get the 3rd Star Coin of the.